Specifications for and analysis of social network software

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Required features

  • POSSE (Publish Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere): (automatically) push posts on the p2pfood.net to major social networking sites.
  • PESOS (Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate to Own Site): (automatically) pull posts from major social networking sites to p2pfood.net.
  • Remote feedback: Receive notification when post is commented on or is resend on major social networking sites.
  • Existing login systems: Login using accounts of major social networking sites.
  • Single logon: Single login for the p2pfood.net (social network) and p2pfoodlab.net sites (experiments & challenges).
  • Plugins/apps: show/push data from other web sites (ex. p2pfoodLAB.net).
  • Remote profile data and status: Remote profile data/status can be pulled in and used.
  • Link people: powerful tools to testablish links/friend requests between participants.
  • Blog: maintain a list of notes, without the need to send to a recipient.
  • Private notes: maintain a list of private notes for personal use.
  • Private communication: send private messages to members.
  • Groups: send posts to (mediated) groups.
  • Hashtags: groups posts by hashtags.
  • Contact lists: send posts to grouops of selected contacts.
  • Open Source
  • Mobile devices: Support for mobile devices (responsive design, mobile version, or mobile app)
  • Customisation: Easy to change skin/visuals
  • Internationalisation (i18n): 1) Good support for user interface in different laguages, 2) tools/filters to manage posts in different languages.
  • Language: prefs: Javascript/nodejs, PHP, ...
  • Existing community

Optional features

  • Chat
  • Federation
  • Syndication
  • Video conf

Login systems

The first goal is that an new member can join the P2P Food network without creating a new account, but can use her existing Facebook/Google/Twitter/LinkedIn/Flickr/... acount. It is also possible to create a new P2PFoodNet account is that is preferred.

The second goal is that, once you are logged in using P2PFood.net account or remote account, you can automatically access data on p2pFoodLab.net without having to log in again.


Formats, glue and concepts

Social network glue

  • Wordpress Social: A plugin for Wordpress to push posts to social networks, to pull in comments from those networks, and to allow people from those networks to comment on the post in Wordpress.
  • Bridgy Bridgy is a feedback proxy, that among other will scan major social networks for commands on your posts and push the comments back to your site. It can also push your posts from your website to the major social network platforms. It's a standalone web service. See also info on IndieWeb.
  • Post to FB/Twitter from nodejs: [1], [2], [3]

Social network software

POSSE PESOS Remote feedback Existing login Single logon Plugins/apps Remote profile/status Link people Blog Private notes Private communication Groups Hashtags Contact lists Open Source Mobile Customisation I18n Prog Language Community Example
Diaspora No No No No OpenID Connect [4] No No No Public posts No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Responsive (bootstrap) Obscure OK for UI / No filter Ruby on Rails Small [5]
GNU Social/GNU.io To Twitter No No No ? Yes Via plugin? No No No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Seems OK Seems OK PHP Seems active [6]
Movim Yes PHP [7]
BuddyPress + Wordpress No No No No No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes With plugin No No Yes OK OK for UI / Not for posts PHP Lively
BuddyPress + Wordpress + Social + OAuth2 Plugin Yes PHP
WP Symposium + Wordpress Yes PHP
Known Yes PHP [8]
Elgg Twitter: OK Seems doable for FB using SDK Oauth 1 Yes Plugin? No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Responsive, buggy UI: OK; multilingual blog: No PHP Seems active
Opensource-Socialnetwork (OSSN) No Yes Yes Yes No Yes PHP

Wordpress / Buddypress plugins

Wordpress / Buddypress / Social evaluation

Wordpress Multisite + Buddypress

  • Having the Wordpress back-end is nice. Many people like it. Rich editor for posts.

There are several concepts that are mixed:

  • Sites: Each user can have their own site/blog.
  • Posts: Posts basically go to a user's blog. Posts are distinct from messages sent in BuddyPress. Posts can be pushed to Facebook using Social.
  • Messages: In BuddyPress, messages are sent to people in the Friends list. Messages cannot be sent to groups. Messages can not be pushed to Facebook.
  • Groups: Groups are a way to 'group' people and there messages on in a single page.

GNU Social

  • Default UI not so nice but UI at quitter.se is clean.
  • Has plugin architecture. Many plugins available.
  • Well documented.
  • Clean codebase.


  • You can only create groups in the /groups pag, which is not directly visible, and which has a different skin than Qvitter.
  • Balancing between Qvitter and Classic Gnu Social annoying and confusing



  • Can't upload picture, only URL to picture
  • Post editor on phone is basic. More important, also no photo upload.
  • Bolg : Must give title to posts. However, Tweets without title.
  • Group page is not sexy, at all.
  • Members page: make it look good!...