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This is collection of seeds that we began using in the starter kit. The list of vegetables and the layout was taken from Mel Batholomew's book on square-foot gardening.


Scientific name en fr it nl Wikipedia Variety Kokopelli
Solanum lycopersicum tomato tomate pomodoro tomaat Tomato Coeur de Boeuf Orange
Cucumis sativus cucumber concombre cetriolo komkommer Cucumber Long Vert d'Alan
Lactuca sativa leaf lettuce laitue lactuca sla Lettuce Emerald Oak
Allium cepa onion oignon ajuinen Onion Rouge de Huy
Raphanus sativus radish radis ravanello comune radijzen Radish Flamboyant
Petroselinum crispum parsley persil prezzemolo peterselie Parsley Persil simple (plat)
carrot carotte wortel Cosmic Purple
bean fèves boon Bean Fève D'Aquadulce
Beta vulgaris swiss chard blette bietola snijbiet Chard À Cardes Rouges Red Rhubarb
Ocimum basil basilic basilico basilicum Basil Basilic Grec
Tagetes patula dwarf marigolds oeillet d'Inde afrikaantje Tagetes patula
Tropaeolum nasturtiums capucine Tropaeolum

Overall, it's an interesting collection to work with, but there are some things that could improve:

  • Too dense. The plants don't seem to have enough space. It may be better to move to a 3x3 grid instead of a 4x4 grid.
  • The tomatoes, the cucumbers, and the beans require a lot of height. The greenhouse, even with a roof at 1m40 is to low to house them. Should the greenhouse be higher, or should we seek other varieties?