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International current conditions are collected directly from more than 29,000 weather stations located in countries around the globe including:

  • About 6,000 automated weather stations operating at airports. Here is a list of the stations. Typically these stations are owned by government agencies and international airports and data is updated at 1, 3, or 6 hour intervals, depending upon the station.
  • Over 8,000 Personal Weather Stations (PWS's) and 16,000 MADIS stations.

Possibility to connect weather station on the Weather Underground network

Exemple de station personnelle


By purchasing your own station and joining our PWS community, you can:

  • Get personalized forecasts based on your own weather data
  • Access archived data with charts & graphs
  • Easily share your weather data
  • Your PWS data will go into our proprietary forecasting model, making forecasts more local and more accurate.

API Pricing

Your Selected Plan: Stratus Developer

  • Monthly Pricing: $0
  • Calls Per Day: 500
  • Calls Per Minute: 10


  • Geolookup
  • Autocomplete
  • Current conditions
  • 3-day forecast summary
  • Astronomy
  • Almanac for today
  • Access to the daily weather archives