Greenhouse V3 - Cover: Materials and cost back

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Bill of materials

Film-plastique-bache-de-serre-bache-camion.43664682-98159082.jpg Plastic cover: For the cover, we use transparent, U.V. resistant, 200 microns plastic film. It's not the most beautiful solution but it's the cheapest one. Alternative solutions (glass, transparent polycarbonate, or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA, or Plexiglass)) are much more expensive.
Velcro-horizontal.jpg Fasteners: So far, we've used hook and loop fasteners (velcro) to fix the greenhouse cover. Alternative options are snap fasteners and eyelets (Fr.: oeillet metal) but we haven't tried them, yet.
4662919455 c856364606 o.jpg Sewing thread


Material Quantity Unit price Total price
Plastic film (transparent, U.V. resistant, 200 microns) (example) 8 m2 2.20 €/m2 18 €
Hook and loop fastener (Velcro), 20mm wide 15 m 35 € / 25m 21 €
Thread ? ? ?
Total 40 €