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The basic structure of the greenhouse
The original design in Sketchup
The greenhouse with the box and windows

The greenhouse of the starter kit is a fairly small greenhouse, meant to put on a balcony, a terrace or in the garden. It measures 1.2x1.2m on the inside (1.28x1.28m on the outside) and it is 1.47m high. It can be constructed from wooden battens. Either plastic film or plexiglass (more aesthetic but more expensive) can be used to close it.

For the film, see

For the sides, the boards of palettes could be used. Standard palettes are 1.20m long so the size is good.

The depth of the soil is about 30cm, which is enough for a large selection of vegetables and flowers.

We are fine-tuning the integration of a water recovery systems combined with an automatic watering system. We will store a water reservoir on the bottom of the box and use a small pump to water the plants. For the reservoir, we use a plastic storage box, the kind of low boxes that are meant to slide underneath a bed.

Below, we made the list of wooden elements and a first set of instructions to build the greenhouse. The photo gallery below shows the prototype made by Léo Benichou and Peter Hanappe. We will turn it into a easy to read instructable as soon as possible.

Copyright: Peter Hanappe, Gert Aertsen

Authors/designers: Peter Hanappe, Gert Aertsen, Léo Benichou

License: GNU General Public License v.3

The list of wooden elements